Metric (mm)

Hex key L-wrenches for hexagon socket screws (mm)
The PB Swiss Tools hex key L-wrenches for hexagon socket screws (mm) are being used all over the world in mechanical, metal and vehicle construction. Professional users choose tools from the wide range of 0.71 to 22 mm.

For every L-wrench, tolerances are guaranteed that are smaller than a hair. This perfect dimensional accuracy and the hard and tough special alloying make for precise, durable tools. The variety of long and short Hex Key L-wrenches with and without ball end leave nothing to be desired. 

 • With ball end, offset angle up to 30°
 • Perfect dimensional accuracy
 • Exceptionally long tool lives

Note: Photos are for representation only and may differ slightly from the actual product.

User-friendly PB Swiss Tools dimensions
Longer handle and shorter key part compared to the ISO norms:
 • the longer handle fits in the hand more comfortably
 • the shorter key part makes it easier to reach less accessible screws